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AC hv test equipment
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VF AC Reasonant Test System-110kVA/110kV

Post Time : 2012-11-14
  • Item Num :
  • EGSR-V-110/110
  • Shipping Port :
  • Shanghai Port
  • Brand Name:
  • EGHV
  • Size:
  • 34
  • Color:
  • red
Product Details


EGSR-V-110/110 Variable Frequency AC Reasonant Test Set

(Light Portable Type)


1. Main Technical Parameters 

1) Input voltage:      220V, I Phase / 380 V, III Phase

2) Rated Capacity:  110 kVA                  

3) Output Voltage:   0-110 kV                     

4) HV Current:         2 A, 1 A

5) Frequency:         30-300 Hz



2. Application:
6kV XLPE power cable,300mm²,2000m-       Test voltage 12kV, 30-300Hz 
10kV XLPE power cable,300mm²,2000m-     Test voltage 22kV, 30-300Hz 

35kV XLPE power cable,300mm²,800m-       Test voltage 52kV, 30-300Hz 

35kV Main power transformer, 31500kVA-    Test voltage 75kV, 45-65Hz 

3. Main Configuration:
1)  Variable frequency power source      7.5kW           1 set;
2)  Exciting transformer                           7.5kVA         1 set;
3)  Resonant Reactors                            27.5kV/1A    4 sets;
4)  Condensor divider                             110kV           1 set;








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