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AC hv test equipment
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Intelligent AC Hipot Test System-150KVA/150KV

Post Time : 2012-11-14
  • Item Num :
  • EGFD-150/150
  • Shipping Port :
  • Shanghai Port
  • Brand Name:
  • EGHV
  • Size:
  • 34
  • Color:
  • green
Product Details



AC DC Hipot tester


1. Main technical parameters
      This test system is composed of main control console, main control cabinet and test transformer.
1.1 Power supply
  AC  380V ± 10%   60Hz
1.2 Measuring range
  High voltage: 0~150kV(adjustable)
  HV current: 0~1A
  Input current: 375A
  Instrument voltage: 150V
1.3 Measurement precision
  Current: ±0.5% FS
  Voltage: ±0.5% FS


2. Description
   This type of Intelligent AC DC Hipot tester is used for HV & LV device aging test of power frequency voltage withstand. It is easy for user to operate and can improve your working efficiency, because of its dual operation modes-manual & automatic.
   With adopting the high reliability of industrial PLC, the Intelligent test console has the advantages of stability, reliability and convenient operation. Besides , because of the high efficiency of embedded PC , the parameters can be set in advance and the device is easy to operate. For the above, dual operation modes-manual & automatic can perfectly achieve to be compatible.


3. Main features
3.1 High performance of software & hardware control; new generation embedded PC with touch screen, on which the interface can be easily touched operated
3.2 Manual & automatic operation modes console, each mode can independently run its test without interference

3.3 Chinese & English operation language, easy to operate, wide application 
3.4 All the test parameters can be set freely according to the requirement, the AC DC Hipot tester can proceed smoothly and the test data is displayed intuitively & clearly  
3.5 The high voltage can be preset up to HV breakdown voltage; The AC DC Hipot tester has the functions of accurate memory, save, reset and so on; automatic scanning time setting; automatic saving aging time, voltage, current and the detail records.
3.6 Both manual & automatic molds own Cumulative timing function, and can separately start, stop and zero.
 3.7 Combination of Anti interference technology of software and hardware with the stable performance and good Anti interference


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