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CEPRI Celebrates its 60th Anniversary


Reprint http://www.epri.sgcc.com.cn/en/news/events/201110/t20111020_974973.html

October 18, 2011, nearly one thousand representatives of CEPRI’s current staff, retirees, former and present leaders gathered in a festival mood of joy, nostalgia and aspiration to celebrate the 60th anniversary of CEPRI.

The half day event, hosted by Mr. Yang Xinfa, vice president of CEPRI, invited 118 founding staffs of CEPRI, who joined the institute at its burgeoning stage in the period from 1951 to 1958, and made indispensable contribution to its establishment and future development.

CEPRI’s 60th anniversary received myriad congratulatory letters and warm regards from SGCC headquarters, peer companies, various organizations, academic societies and universities in China’s power sector.

SGCC leadership also attached great importance to this landmark event. Present at the ceremony were vice president of SGCC, Mr. Shuai junqing, director general of Science & Technology Dept. of SGCC, Mr. Ge Zhengxiang, director general of Enterprises Development Dept. of SGCC, Mr. Zhang Chuncheng, vice director general of SGCC General Office, Mr. Wang Xinwei, vice director general of Strategic Development and Planning Dept. of SGCC, Mr. Pan Ersheng.

President of CEPRI, Guo Jianbo, vice presidents, Wang Like, Yu Yongqing, Qiu Yufeng, Li Yonghe, honorary presidents, Zheng Jianchao, Zhou Xiaoxin and other leaders of CEPRI attended the ceremony.

In the opening speech, Mr. Shuai junqing, VP of SGCC, remarked that over the course of 60 years, CEPRI had undertaken a large number of key national and power sector’s research programs and tackled numerous tough technical issues. It had contributed enormously to the advances of electric power science and technology as well as the development and innovation of China’s electric power industry, through its vigorous involvement in China’s first 330kV AC project, first 550kV AC project, first 750kV AC project, China’s first ± 550kV DC project, ± 660kV DC project, all the way to the epoch-making 1000kV UHV AC project and ±800kV UHV DC project.

Mr. Guo Jianbo gave a theme speech at the celebration ceremony, reviewing CEPRI’s development in the past 60 years, from a small routine test station to today’s comprehensive, multi-discipline electric power research institute. He also recaptured milestone events and touching moments, highlighting CEPRI’s current achievements and research & testing capabilities, and looking into the future while reiterating CEPRI’s commitment to technical innovation and industrial development.  

Mr. Guo said, as the backbone contingents of SGCC’s S&T innovation, CEPRI would give strategic significance to technological innovation by enhancing personnel development, incubating remarkable scientific results and facilitating important breakthroughs in key electric power technologies.

Mr. Guo added, CEPRI’s present development would not be possible without the support and guidance from the leaders of power industry and other peer companies. In particular, the collective wisdom and endeavor of generations of CEPRI personnel have laid a solid foundation for continuous technical innovation and sustainable development.

An awarding ceremony was held during the celebration for the 118 senior staffs of CEPRI in recognition of their pioneering contribution.

Now, CEPRI has widely participated in preliminary study, planning, design, construction and consulting services for oversea engineering projects in a number of countries. In recent years, CEPRI also organized several major international conferences for IEC, IEEE, CIGRE, ICEE, to be at the forefront of the latest trend of key and prevalent technologies, like smart grid, UHV transmission, etc. Additionally, a growing number of experts and engineers in CEPRI have held important positions in some renowned international organizations, such as CIGRE, IEEE and IEC. Meanwhile, CEPRI also enhanced its international image by receiving over a hundred foreign delegations annually to establish links, deepen technical exchanges and explore possibilities for building up or extending cooperation.

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